Sunday, December 6, 2015

11.11 sale & more :)

Hey guys :)

How are you? 
It was pretty tough week, I've been working a lot, but today i got my paycheck so I'm good :D. 

although I worked a lot, i also had a lot of fun with my friends and family!

 Last week I went shopping with my friend, I found this dress and shoes and i couldn't leave them in the store :D 

A few days after I did a haircut....

My hair is so short right now and I hate it :(

Even though I worked everyday it didn't stopped me from eating at restaurants :D

Eggs Benedict with bacon and ham*-*

Oreo pancakes , that was SO good, I really want to eat that again

Breakfast at Reviva&Celia 
It was pretty basic breakfast meal, but a good one :)

I don't know what that exactly that cake was but it tasted like caramel and Nutella, it was yummy! 

Macaroon with white chocolate cream and strawberries

Small macaroons *-*

Hamburger ♥♥♥

It was so much fun to hang out with my friends but it cost me a lot of money :\

As you ALL know, Aliexpress are doing a big sale on 11 to November
And I was so happy ;)

I still haven't got all the items I ordered but all the awesome stuff came so fast I was pretty shocked!

The first package I got was a Hello Kitty pajamas, but it's a special one :D
It's an overall and it's so fluffy and soft and warm ♥
I just love it!

I ordered size L fit perfectly

As you all know I like cute stuff (lol)
and I also like stickers ...
so.... stickers! :)


Totro fluffy toy, I use it for my car keys :D

I'm about to start University soon and I need to prepare myself ;)
Pens, there pretty good

 I also got a pikachu pajamas :D
It's an overall and it's so fluffy and soft and warm such as the previous one ♥
I just love it! ^^

I ordered size L fit perfectly

And more stickers!!
They came smaller than I thought... but still cute ! ^^

So that's all I've got, I'm still waiting for my shikibox (japanese candies) and I look forward to get it!

Next post will be probably about december's kawaiibox :)

Until next time ;) 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

giveaway time! :)

Hey :)

So i know I haven't been update a lot but a new and awesome post is on his way!
P R O M I S E ! :)

In the mean time, check out the new super cute kawaii giveaway! :)

The giveaway is for Kawaii Box! XoX

To all of you that aren't sure about this kind of giveaways I just want to remind you my previous post 

about the santas erasers ;)

So if you want to enter the giveaway just click here :)

G O O D L U C K! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

October's Kawaii Box!

Hey ^^

A few days ago I've got my october KAWAII BOX!


As always, I opened the box and I loved it ;)

This is how the box looked like when I  opened it  ♥

 And of course the list of the items ♥ ↓

 The first thing is the COOL sushi-bar gummies!

This is the cover (looks awesome)

The minute I opened it I was like
The smell was S O good!! 

This is how it looks on the inside

This is such a cool idea for gummies!

Next one is this animal stickers!

Like I told you guys at my previous post, I'm looking for these kind of stickers almost everyday! and 
it's really hard to find! (when I do find these I buy almost every set LOL)

Next one is this cute little thing *-*

Cat pouch!

So cute! I love it

Next one is decoration stickers

I'm actually don't really know what I'm gonna do with it, so i think i'm gonna give it to my sister.

Next is the stamp set!

So cool and sweet XoX can't wait to try them!

Next one is the heart nail decoration

This so pretty sweet, I think I'm gonna use it :)

I also got this awesome lollipop!!!



Next one is this umm wrapping paper?

I actually  don't think i'm gonna use it but it's still nice.

OK this is so awesome

I use it almost everyday! 

finger family monster pouch! 
so cool *-*

The next thing I've got is this cool lollipop pen

So cute!!

The last thing i've got is definitely the cutest!

this awesome flan dakigurumi pouch!

This is the back side ↑

And sweet notes ^^

And this is pretty much everything! :)

This is my October kawaii box
I bought it for 18.90$ (17.30$ per month if you subscribe for a year)

If you also want to get an awesome package like this click on the link below and subscribe! 
It's really cool and fun !


can't wait for my november box! :)

Thanks for reading! ^^

Monday, November 2, 2015

Santa & Snowman Erasers!!

Hellloooo! :)

Today I've got my prise from super cute kawaii giveaway!
The giveaway was for
Christmas Erasers!

I was so excited to get it! when I got the box it was like "Whaaat this is too big for two-three erasers!!"
Then I got back home and opened it and I was like " O M G. awesome."
This is the package ↓

When I opened it ↓

I loved the bag!! I'm definitely gonna keep it! :)

But I was more excited about what's inside it!!!


I even got a small christmas tree *~*!

Thank you Super Cute Kawaii site and Modes4u for this awesome package!! :)

You sould visit their sites
      The links is right here!   ↓

Highly recommended!

Until next time XOXO

Friday, October 30, 2015

My first (but definitely not least) Kawaii Box!

Soooooo hey there!
A few days ago I received my very FIRST Kawaii box!
Let me tell you how excited I was before I got it...
I checked my mail everyday until I received a message that it's in my post-mail office.
I was SO excited that I told my mom to take it up for me so I won't be needed to wait another day!
And my mom was so nice that when she came to take me from work she brought it with her,
so I was super excited and I couldn't wait until i'll get home so I opened it in the car :D

The box look like that from the outside

I was so thrilled when I opened it, it was so pretty and CUTE!

And a note with everything I got in it!

When I first opened it I was like " C A N D I E S " * ~ *

So the first thing I opened was of course this ice-cream candy.
It tastes like strawberries at first and then you have this awesome layer of chocolate 
It was so good I didn't want it to end :)

This is how it looks like when you open it

And this is after a few bites ;) ↑

Another candy I got was this fish gummies

(I was so hungry I guess I forgot to take a picture of it haha ^^")

but here's a picture from Kawaii Box's site

Kawaii Box September 2015

Another cool thing that I got was this cool DIY kit, to make by yourself (mostly) bracelets.

I personally don't like bracelets 
so i've made a keychain for my car key :D 

I also got this Moomin mini pouch, so useful for coins!

It's gonna be very helpful with all the coins i get from work X_X

I got this small beans that smell SO great! I'm not sure yet where to put them but I like it :)

Plus the lion is so cute :D

Also got a greeting card, I'm definitely gonna use it! 
Very useful and cute

Another AWESOME thing that i got was a super cute pen! 

It's a bear with a broken neck, SO SWEET and SO CUTE 
Plus the pen is really good

I also got this squishy toast charm

So squishy and fun :)

I actually saw this item at the end of the package but this is definitely the thing that I'm gonna use the most (maybe after the pen)

Alpaca pouch!!!!!!!
SO -  C U T E
This pouch is so big and comfortable, I can put all my make-up in there, and I have a lot of make-up haha :)
I just LOVE IT

I also got this awesome food stickers!

I'm actually looking for this kind of stickers a long time and I can't find any in Israel! so I'm so lucky to get those,
I really LOVE them!

The last thing I got is this cute egg plush

SO SOFT * ~ *

I think of putting it in my car keys, any suggestions?

So This is my september KAWAII BOX package
I bought it for 18.90$ (17.30$ per month if you subscribe for a year)

If you also want to get an awesome package like this click on the link below and subscribe! 
It's really cool and fun !


Can't wait for my October box to arrive! :D 

See you on my next post! :D