Monday, February 22, 2016

Ramen & Ice Cream Shop DIY Candy Kit

Hey ! 

So today i'm gonna show you how to make the Ramen DIY Candy Kit

And the Ice Cream Shop DIY Candy Kit!

Let's start with the Ramen kit!

This is how it looks on the out side!

You will also need a cup of water and scissors 

This is how the kit looked like when I opened it

This is some kind of toffee.
really sweet candy.
it's a bit hard at first.

In this photo, you can see from the left side the work surface of the gyoza's circle.
next to that, you can see a fork and a toothpick.
with the fork we'll mix the soup powder with water

In this photo, there is our two powders and our gyoza filling.

In this photo you can see all the tools for the kit

Let's begin!

Before everything, we need to make the gyoza by its work surface.
we don't have to make the gyoza right now but it's important that you'll do the circle shape before you start. it's very important, you'll find out later why

for the round shape, you'll need to take a piece from the toffee candy and to put it
on the surface by its marks and to take two small pieces and put them on the surface by its own marks
like in the picture below

After we did that, we can start doing the gyoza (explanation down below)
or leave it to the end and start the ramen!

The first step is the Ramen soup.
You need to add water to the first line inside the bowl
If you want your soup to be good - you must mix it properly!

After mixing it - make sure that there are no leftovers of the powder and 
that the soup look like soup

The next step is creating the noodles!

For the noodles material, you'll need to add water to the first line inside the bowl.

This is how it look at the beginning→


←And this is how it looks after

And for the shape of the noodles, we'll need the plastic bag that was our gyoza's work surface and the toothpick!

With the toothpick, we need to do a small hole inside the plastic bag

And after that, we need to put inside the plastic bag our noodles material!

Don't forget to make sure that you leave some yellow material for your egg!

After putting almost all the noodles material inside the plastic bag,
it's time for the fun part!

You need to take the plastic
 bag and squeeze it into the soup bowl!

This is why you need to do the shape for the gyoza before everything.

Remember our two small circles?
now what you'll need to do is to take them and put them into the mold!

After Doing these shapes, take what's left from the noodles material and put the inside the shapes

We're done!

The final result should be like this ! :)

For the gyoza, you'll need our previous circle and the "meat" filling bag and the gyoza mold

All you've got to do it to put your circle on the mold put some meat filling and to fold it! :)


The second DIY Candy kit that we're going to make is
 Ice Cream Shop DIY Candy Kit!

This is how it looks like when you open the box

And this is the list of the toold that we've got :
1. A pastry bag
2. Waffles
3. Spoon
4. Water triangle
5.Decoration candies
6. The kit blending bowls
7. Atrawberry powder
8. Vanilla powder

plus you'll need a glass of water and scissors!

The first step is to take the two powder bags and to pour them into the blending bowls

(not together of course)

After pouring the powders, we need to take the water triangle and to pour ONE Water triangle
into the each blending bowls

And mix it properly!

This should be your results for now!

The next step is the ice cream!
for that, you'll need the pastry bag and the scissors.

Put inside the pastry bag our ice cream!
you can put it with strawberry and vanilla together or just one of them- it doesn't really matter

And now use the scissors to SLICE IT! :)

And squeeze it till the hole

And now the fun part- decoration!
take your waffles and put your ice cream however you'd like!

And Decorate it with the candies!

So this was the candy kits that i've received on my japan candy box & my kawaii box!

If you want to order your own japan candy box / kawaii box you can click on the picture below! :)
And if you only want the DIY kits you can find it on Blippo - kawaii shop! (link in the picture below)


I hope you enjoyed my post!

See you on my next one

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

December's Japan candy box!

Hey guys!
Thank you for joining me to another post! :)
And today....

I was so excited when I ordered it! 
I ordered it really at the last minute at the end of the month and I was so curious and thrilled!
And when I've got it I was so happy!

so let's begin! 

This is a list of all the candies that I've got

And this is how it looks when I opened it!

Let's start with the first one!
the first one on the list is Popin' cookin' ice cream DIY kit!

The front →

← The back 

The package is so charming and cute! 

The next candy on the list is "Yaokin sour paper candy"

This candy is so good! sour but sweet!
I know these kinds of candies and I usually don't like them but this one was good!

Next up is "Tohato Anpanman corn rings"

That was good!! 
Very soft and gentle! 
I liked it! :)

Next one is "Abe Seika Abekko Ramune Candy"

Soda candy, strawberry flavor.
I guess it was okay.

The next candy on the list is "Lotte Pokemon Ramune Candy"

Another type of soda candy only this one wasn't good at all

Next up is UHA Lemon Gummy

Ohhhhh I loved it!
I love lemon candies :D

The next candy is "Puccho Chewy Candy - Pink Grapefruit"

I don't really like grapefruit but this candy was so good!

The next one is definitely my favorite!
"Kabaya Hello Kitty Cookie Sticks"

That was so good! and the packaging is cute AF!

Another candy I've got is "Meji Petit Bubble Gum"

This gum is good but the flavor runs out fast :(

The last candy is "Yaokin Takoyaki Snack Stick"

I got A LOT of them on my Shikibox so ... yeah lol

So this was my December's Japan candy box, I hope you enjoyed reading!

If you want your own Japan Candy Box click
Right Here 
And subscribe! The price starts from 18.20$ per month!

On my next posts, I'm gonna show you the DIY Candy Kits that I've got on my Kawaii box and on my Japan Candy Box!

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day! ^^