Wednesday, February 10, 2016

December's Japan candy box!

Hey guys!
Thank you for joining me to another post! :)
And today....

I was so excited when I ordered it! 
I ordered it really at the last minute at the end of the month and I was so curious and thrilled!
And when I've got it I was so happy!

so let's begin! 

This is a list of all the candies that I've got

And this is how it looks when I opened it!

Let's start with the first one!
the first one on the list is Popin' cookin' ice cream DIY kit!

The front →

← The back 

The package is so charming and cute! 

The next candy on the list is "Yaokin sour paper candy"

This candy is so good! sour but sweet!
I know these kinds of candies and I usually don't like them but this one was good!

Next up is "Tohato Anpanman corn rings"

That was good!! 
Very soft and gentle! 
I liked it! :)

Next one is "Abe Seika Abekko Ramune Candy"

Soda candy, strawberry flavor.
I guess it was okay.

The next candy on the list is "Lotte Pokemon Ramune Candy"

Another type of soda candy only this one wasn't good at all

Next up is UHA Lemon Gummy

Ohhhhh I loved it!
I love lemon candies :D

The next candy is "Puccho Chewy Candy - Pink Grapefruit"

I don't really like grapefruit but this candy was so good!

The next one is definitely my favorite!
"Kabaya Hello Kitty Cookie Sticks"

That was so good! and the packaging is cute AF!

Another candy I've got is "Meji Petit Bubble Gum"

This gum is good but the flavor runs out fast :(

The last candy is "Yaokin Takoyaki Snack Stick"

I got A LOT of them on my Shikibox so ... yeah lol

So this was my December's Japan candy box, I hope you enjoyed reading!

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On my next posts, I'm gonna show you the DIY Candy Kits that I've got on my Kawaii box and on my Japan Candy Box!

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day! ^^

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