Saturday, January 23, 2016

New design & December's kawaiibox!

Hey friends! :)

So today I had some free time, so I decided to do my own design,
what do you think about it? 
I would love to hear what's on your mind ^^

Last week I celebrated my birthday! :)
And I did my first tattoo! 

For those of you who don't know, this is "No Face" from the movie "Spirited Away"
This character means a lot, mostly about him being lonely and hungry for human connections, and the only one that treats him like that it's Chihiro. she doesn't want his "gold" or any other presents, she treats him nicely without wanting something for return.
"No Face" symbolizes some kind of emptiness, and in the end of the movie, he found himself enjoying something he likes to do.
At the end, even "no face" found himself.

if you want to read some more, click here ^^

A few days ago I got my December's kawaii box and December's Japan candy box!
This post will be all about the Kawaii box! so If you'll want to read what I think about that Japan candy box you'll have to wait a couple of days ^^

I saw some pictures before I got it, I admit ^^" 
And I saw all the stuff that others received and I was so excited!! 
I was so happy when I got it :D

So this is how the box looked like when I opened it!

Cute as usual! 

And a list of all the items in the box! :)

The first one is a "popin cookin'"'s ramen DIY candy kit

I saw a few videos about that kit and I was so happy that I received it! 
I can't wait to try it and taste it !!
It looks on the videos so cool and fun! :) 

Next one is a waffle squishy!

Looks yummy and nice! gonna add to my squishies collection

The next this I've got is an ice-cream purse!

This is so useful!! 
I'm so glad I have this! 

I also got........

S T I C K E R S !

Those are SO cute !!
Every time I'm falling in love all over again

I also got this cool moggie doggie pen!

I think I already mentioned how much I love cute pens and how much I need it :)

Next one is a Korean nail set!

This is actually really cute and nice but unfortunately, I don't think it fits my fingers :(
Although I have small fingers it looks like something that fits a 10 years old kid :\

Next up is a Happy cat nail clipper!

SO cute!!!
And I really need this! Mine got broken :( 

Next up is a polka dot washi tape!

This is so cute!
I've been wanting for a while to buy washi tape and I'm so happy I've got one!

I also got a lollipop towel!

This is very cute :)

The next item is kawaii owl notebook!

This is so cuteeeeee!!!
The notebook is small and it's perfect for me to put it in my bag!
I always tell myself not to forget anything and I always do

And the last item is a heart-shaped nail art!

Ohhhh I love these! 
I wanna put them on my nails already!!

And This was December's Kawaii box!

The box cost me 18.90 US Dollars! 

If you want to get the January box you can click 

and subscribe! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I hope you'll come back for the next one! :)

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