Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All about the "Shikibox"

Hey guys!

So today on my post I'm gonna tell you ALL about the Shikibox !

Shikibox is a box of candies from japan.

The box sends straight from Japan and contains Japanese candies.

Shikibox says that their box is the biggest and cheapest box!

And from watching previous videos of YouTubers, the box seems pretty great.


It really doesn't.

Shikibox comes at 3 different sizes  -

The Minibox - cost 14.90$
The Shikibox - cost 19.90$
The Megabox - cost 29.90$ 

It does cheaper than others, but definitely not the biggest.

On their site  there is a page that tells you what the box should contain, they put a lot of pictures of candies of what is inside each box.
I ordered the Megabox, which means that ALL the candies that were shown would be in my box

And hey! guess what!
NONE OF THEM was inside my box.

But we'll get to this later!
The first thing I want to talk about is the shipping time.

As you all know, delivery should take something about a month and a half - two months max

I ordered my box on October.


And I've received it on January


3 months!

I don't think it makes any sense
One - you're messing here with food, some of the candies I've got was expired.
Two - three months is way too much. 

Which brings me to the next thing I wanna talk about-

Customer Service

I don't know what about you guys, but when I order boxes like this,
I expect to receive some information about the box.
After a few weeks, it's almost November and I haven't got any tracking number or information.
So I decided to contact them - so I could get some answers
They never responded.
I tried to cancel my subscription - and I never got an answer
I had to contact PayPal so I could cancel it.
My need to get some answers didn't end with this- I tried to contact them with emails, twitter, facebook and more and never got my answer.
This is not a way to treat your customers!

On the bottom line, I don't recommend this box!

So I opened the box and this is how it looks

Like you can see, there is nothing that explains what I've got in my box. nothing.
am i supposed to guess or what?
It looks a lot doesn't it?  

Well it's just because the box was full of these snacks  

There was something like 15 pieces of that snack, and some of the t hem were expired! others were just weird :|

So I started to see what I've got on my box.

I got this candy.
I'm not sure what it is, I didn't tasted it.. It looks not good at all

I also got this candy.
This one is a small chocolate cake. It tastes just like kinder delice..
Yeah yeah.. the cake that no one likes...

This is Shrimp crackers (I think)

When I opened it. I almost threw up..
Only the smell of it made me nausea.
although I hate seafood I didn't give up and I decided to try it!

My advice - don't. 

After I tried it, I tried the next one -

This is a curry rice cracker
I tried it and it was ... weird and unusual. I didn't like it at all

The next candy is Wasabi candy...
I didn't like it AT ALL
I don't think wasabi supposed to be a candy :S

Next one is my favorite!

I think this is some kind of butter cookie
but it is so yummy and I was sad that I got only one:\

The next candy is this

I think this is kind of pretzel covered with something unknown...
it was kinda weird.. I don't know

Next one was two pancakes and between them, there were some nuts filling.
It was okay... 

Next one was Pepsi chewing gum..
I got 4 of them

And the last thing is the best.

this is potato chips in lemon flavor

at first, i thought that this is weird and I won't like it.
but I loved it! 
definitely the best

And plus to all this - I've got a lot of small soda candies and chocolates

Well, This is it for now!

My next post will be very soon about the japan candy box! :) 

Thank you for reading! 

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