Wednesday, January 6, 2016

November's Kawaii Bok & Hello Kitty Alfajores!

Hey everyone! :)

How was your 2015? I hope you enjoyed every minute :)

It was pretty crazy year, I discovered a lot about myself and about the things I want to do in life.
Like I decided that I want to learn japanese language and to make japanese friends,
And I've started to learn the language, but I didn't found any japanese friends yet ^^"

Anyway, enough talking about me ;)
A few weeks ago my friend celebrated his BIRTHDAY!~
And he's a BIG fan of my Alfajores

(For those of you who don't - Alfajores is an argentine cookie, the cookie itself is very soft and gentle and between two cookies there is Dulce de leche, which is perfect)

And I didn't make them on the regular shape! ;)

Hello kitty & winnie the poo & tiger :D
I also made a heart shape but i didn't took a picture of it :\

And for dinner we went to eat ramen! ^_^

It was GOOD :D

This month I also got my last order from the 11.11 sale

These awesome chopsticks! ;)


So a few weeks ago I also received my november's kawaii box!
I was busy so I couldn't share with you guys immediately

This is how the box looked like when I opened it!

I'm not celebrating christmas but it is so cute that it doesn't matter ;)

And a look of what i saw inside when I completely opened it.

The first thing I saw is three hair pins

I don't usually use a hair pins so it's kinda useless to me, but my sister loved them:)

The next thing is highlighter set!

I love these!


Another thing i've got is an squishy emoticon bread charm

Pretty cute! ^_^

The best thing I've got was this harajuku bag charm

I just loved it!
I'm using it for my car keys


The next thing is a rain boot pen

I love pens! I always look for the cute ones but it's really hard to find in my country.. :\


So CUTE ^^

 This is a beans plush!!

ohhhh I love it ♥
This is so cute and soft and nice

Next one is a 2016 calendar!

It's kinda funny because I've wanted to buy one like that and for some reason I didn't bought one..
They always send me the things I need the most :D

Next one is this cute christmas card 

As I mention personally I don't celebrate christmas but a lot of my friends does. so that's nice :)


This is so cute!

The almost last thing is a strawberry pouch

Kinda cute but that was smelly ... :\

And the last thing I've got is

This Pocky is strawberry flavor (ichigo) and usually I don't like strawberry snacks, but this one was good! wasn't too sweet and didn't felt like a antibiotics


And this is it ^^

The next post gonna be on the Shikibox!
I'm gonna tell you all about this package and why you need to think twice before you buy it.

So I hope you'll have an amazing year! full of cute things :)

See YOU later ♥

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