Saturday, March 12, 2016

January's Kawaii box!

Konnichiwa! :)

So I know I haven't been updated for a while- but I'm back! :)

And today's post is ...
Kawaii Box 
(as you might understand from the title)

This month's list! 

The first item is Sweet Neko Purse!

Super cute!! 
For those of you who don't know- Neko means cat in Japanese! :)

Number two~
Soft Bear Plush!

This plush is so soft!!!! Seriously - the softest I've ever felt

Number 3~

Korean Secret Pen Set!

Awww this is SO awesome!!!
I loved those pens when I was a child! :D
So awesome!

Number 4~

Doughnut Squishy Charm!

Sweet AF!

Number 5~

Jewelry deco stickers

Those are cute but I don't think I'm gonna use them :\

Number 6~

Dream Come Through Pen

This pen is so good!
I'm using it all the time! :D

Number 7~
Cupcake Eraser

So cute!
The problem with the cute items like that is that you don't want to ruin them

Number 8~
Sweet Mini Bag

Cute but small :\

Number 9~
Tiny Bow Stickers

love them as usual.

Number 10~
Nail Deco Flake Set

This is definitely my favorite item in the box.

And number 11~

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Gummy Land DIY Kit!

That was YUMMY! 
I might upload a tutorial :)

So this was my January's' kawaii box!

This box cost me 18.90$ and it ships worldwide for free!

If you want your own box
you can click right here  
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See you on my next post! :)

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