Friday, October 30, 2015

My first (but definitely not least) Kawaii Box!

Soooooo hey there!
A few days ago I received my very FIRST Kawaii box!
Let me tell you how excited I was before I got it...
I checked my mail everyday until I received a message that it's in my post-mail office.
I was SO excited that I told my mom to take it up for me so I won't be needed to wait another day!
And my mom was so nice that when she came to take me from work she brought it with her,
so I was super excited and I couldn't wait until i'll get home so I opened it in the car :D

The box look like that from the outside

I was so thrilled when I opened it, it was so pretty and CUTE!

And a note with everything I got in it!

When I first opened it I was like " C A N D I E S " * ~ *

So the first thing I opened was of course this ice-cream candy.
It tastes like strawberries at first and then you have this awesome layer of chocolate 
It was so good I didn't want it to end :)

This is how it looks like when you open it

And this is after a few bites ;) ↑

Another candy I got was this fish gummies

(I was so hungry I guess I forgot to take a picture of it haha ^^")

but here's a picture from Kawaii Box's site

Kawaii Box September 2015

Another cool thing that I got was this cool DIY kit, to make by yourself (mostly) bracelets.

I personally don't like bracelets 
so i've made a keychain for my car key :D 

I also got this Moomin mini pouch, so useful for coins!

It's gonna be very helpful with all the coins i get from work X_X

I got this small beans that smell SO great! I'm not sure yet where to put them but I like it :)

Plus the lion is so cute :D

Also got a greeting card, I'm definitely gonna use it! 
Very useful and cute

Another AWESOME thing that i got was a super cute pen! 

It's a bear with a broken neck, SO SWEET and SO CUTE 
Plus the pen is really good

I also got this squishy toast charm

So squishy and fun :)

I actually saw this item at the end of the package but this is definitely the thing that I'm gonna use the most (maybe after the pen)

Alpaca pouch!!!!!!!
SO -  C U T E
This pouch is so big and comfortable, I can put all my make-up in there, and I have a lot of make-up haha :)
I just LOVE IT

I also got this awesome food stickers!

I'm actually looking for this kind of stickers a long time and I can't find any in Israel! so I'm so lucky to get those,
I really LOVE them!

The last thing I got is this cute egg plush

SO SOFT * ~ *

I think of putting it in my car keys, any suggestions?

So This is my september KAWAII BOX package
I bought it for 18.90$ (17.30$ per month if you subscribe for a year)

If you also want to get an awesome package like this click on the link below and subscribe! 
It's really cool and fun !


Can't wait for my October box to arrive! :D 

See you on my next post! :D

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