Monday, November 2, 2015

Santa & Snowman Erasers!!

Hellloooo! :)

Today I've got my prise from super cute kawaii giveaway!
The giveaway was for
Christmas Erasers!

I was so excited to get it! when I got the box it was like "Whaaat this is too big for two-three erasers!!"
Then I got back home and opened it and I was like " O M G. awesome."
This is the package ↓

When I opened it ↓

I loved the bag!! I'm definitely gonna keep it! :)

But I was more excited about what's inside it!!!


I even got a small christmas tree *~*!

Thank you Super Cute Kawaii site and Modes4u for this awesome package!! :)

You sould visit their sites
      The links is right here!   ↓

Highly recommended!

Until next time XOXO

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