Thursday, November 19, 2015

October's Kawaii Box!

Hey ^^

A few days ago I've got my october KAWAII BOX!


As always, I opened the box and I loved it ;)

This is how the box looked like when I  opened it  ♥

 And of course the list of the items ♥ ↓

 The first thing is the COOL sushi-bar gummies!

This is the cover (looks awesome)

The minute I opened it I was like
The smell was S O good!! 

This is how it looks on the inside

This is such a cool idea for gummies!

Next one is this animal stickers!

Like I told you guys at my previous post, I'm looking for these kind of stickers almost everyday! and 
it's really hard to find! (when I do find these I buy almost every set LOL)

Next one is this cute little thing *-*

Cat pouch!

So cute! I love it

Next one is decoration stickers

I'm actually don't really know what I'm gonna do with it, so i think i'm gonna give it to my sister.

Next is the stamp set!

So cool and sweet XoX can't wait to try them!

Next one is the heart nail decoration

This so pretty sweet, I think I'm gonna use it :)

I also got this awesome lollipop!!!



Next one is this umm wrapping paper?

I actually  don't think i'm gonna use it but it's still nice.

OK this is so awesome

I use it almost everyday! 

finger family monster pouch! 
so cool *-*

The next thing I've got is this cool lollipop pen

So cute!!

The last thing i've got is definitely the cutest!

this awesome flan dakigurumi pouch!

This is the back side ↑

And sweet notes ^^

And this is pretty much everything! :)

This is my October kawaii box
I bought it for 18.90$ (17.30$ per month if you subscribe for a year)

If you also want to get an awesome package like this click on the link below and subscribe! 
It's really cool and fun !


can't wait for my november box! :)

Thanks for reading! ^^

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